Sun keyboard to USB converter version 2

This is a remake of the original USB converter (see for background info) that implements a tri-report device. This means that it sends native HID audio volume and power commands; those keys will thus be recognized by operating systems without needing special programs.

As opposed to the original converter, this is based on Microchip's USB framework (the keyboard example in particular). Additionally, it's limited in some ways as I didn't get around to re-adding some seldom used functionality:

The key remapping can be modified to one's tastes by plugging different HID codes into table.c (see extra_hid_defs.h). I do recommend using this over the original adapter as apart from the new features it is also more proven. It might also work with a wider range of devices due to the new framework. However, I have only tested it with 18F2550/4550 devices.

Source. Does not require the Microchip USB framework as it includes the relevant parts; this is because changes needed to be made to set the LED handling function pointer on EP0 control data receive.

Created: May 14 2009
Modified: May 14 2009