Case conversion: IBM PS/2 Model 95

Drive bay assembly
The drive bay assembly.

The complete drive bay assembly can be taken out of the case and has five 5.12" bays, two floppy drive bays and a bay for the operator panel. Drives are mounted on rails, or in a bracket in the case of 3.5" hard drives.

The floppy drive that came with the server was a 2.88MB model. It can be converted to work with Windows, but I preferred to go with a standard drive. It took some searching through my stash, but I finally found a drive that lined up with the case's bezel.

I didn't have any of the rails to mount an optical drive, but some similar rails worked perfectly once sawed down to size. I didn't mount an optical drive yet though, as I don't have the fitting bezel for the front of the case. An external USB enclosure does the job for now.

Floppy drive
A nicely fitting floppy drive.
Drive rails
Making some random drive rails fit...
Drive bay assembly complete
The bays with some drives in 'em. Also, kitty.
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Created: Aug 17 2006
Modified: Mar 29 2020