Case conversion: IBM PS/2 Model 95

First, some pictures of the case in its original state:

Case in original state 1
Case in original state 2
Case in original state 3

As the layout was vaguely similar to the standard ATX PC style, converting the case would be possible. On the other hand, the layout was different enought to make the conversion quite an endeavour. At least the case is a fairly standard tower design as opposed to some cube or barrel-like SGI boxes.

The first step was completely stripping the case. This would make working on it much easier.

Case stripped 1
The motherboard and PSU were easy to remove.
Case stripped 2
The entire drive bay assembly came right out too.
Case stripped 2
The plastic back cover was much more difficult, it was fastened with tiny bolts.
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Created: Aug 17 2006
Modified: Mar 29 2020