Unreal engine Direct3D 11 renderer

Outdated compared to the latest d3d10 renderer

Port of the Direct3D 10 renderer to Direct3D 11. That's right, now Unreal 1 can be run on Direct3D 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL. See the D3D10 renderer's page for more information.

Currently there's little reason to use this, unless you just want to run a D3D11 application for the heck of it. In the future I might move all renderer development to D3D11, either to utilize its new features or to increase hardware compatibility. It supports all operating systems and hardware D3D10 does, so that's a big pro, but I want to wait for the API to mature a little and for it to be present on more than very few Vista installs.




Created: Oct 03 2009
Modified: Dec 13 2009