SRX600 Euro tail light installation

My SRX600 is an US-spec one, which means it's got an MPH speedo, unergonomic passenger grab handles, the 595CC (instead of 608) engine and a rather large tail light. I decided to order an Euro spec lamp at the German Racing-Planet eBay store and went about installing it; it looks nicer while still keeping the bike (sort of) original.

Step 1
The first step was to remove the rear fender cover using the four bolts shown. Had to be careful, as its attachment points have gotten rather brittle with age.
Step 2
Next up was removing the rear fender using the two bolts up top and the two bolts at the sides that attach the blinker brackets to the fender. I took this picture during the re-assembly process.
Step 3
The fender removed.
Step 4
The tail light attaches to the fender using these two bolts.
Step 5
Step 6
Note how the original tail light's attached to a bracket with a rubber boot around it.
Step 7
The new unit screws right into the holes that the bracket was attached to. The old unit's connector was soldered to the new one's wires; make sure not to mix up the running and brake lights.
Created: Jul 14 2011
Modified: Dec 15 2019